Carl von Zeyten

It happened the last century in the Black Forest , that a diligent and technically gifted watchmakers invested his knowledge and creativity in die development, assembly and repair of pocket and wrist watches. Carl von Zeyten went far beyond the borders of Eisenbach a name . He lived his dream , the dream of a perfect mechanical clock . He collected in the following years as a traveling watchmakers in Switzerland and in England many impressions and techniques to watchmaking. In various watchmaking workshops he could be , know-how complement ' . Early recognized CvZ that certain specific materials for the spring and balance suitable to enable a largely accurate time display. Later he used his experience to mount some wrist watches for handpicked artisanal customers in watchmaking . Its quality has always been to improve the built watch repeatedly. His dream began to live and could be passed down to future generations . A few years ago you remembered this tradition and created a classically timeless watch collection without losing the original out of sight. The carrier of Carl v. Zeyten clock receives an original and will immediately recognize that this is a quality timepiece . Every owner of an CvZ clock holding a piece of dream come true in his hands.